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 The photos are from the Tumbarumba Rotary 2004 trip to Abuari to build a first-aid post.

An initiative of the Rotary Club of Tumbarumba NSW, Kokoda 2007 was borne of an idea to encourage personal development in rural youth. Involving 17 High School students aged 16 to 18 years; the trek is aimed at broadening the perspective of Tumbarumba youth, building self confidence, self esteem and self reliance. Rural youth are raised in an environment based on good principles, values and work ethic but often lack the opportunity to develop a broader picture of the World in their formative years. The desire to change this is encapsulated in the project by-line of “Take your Life into Widescreen.”


Commencing in April 2007, the trekkers will follow the Australian fighting withdrawal from Kokoda to Owers Corner and will include the ANZAC Day dawn service at Isurava. Accompanied by Rotarians, Tumbarumba High School teachers and assisted by national carriers, the students will camp in the jungle and also experience village life. A visit is planned to Abuari, a village where in 2004 a Tumbarumba Rotary contingent built a first-aid post. The students will also spend a night at Mainohana High School, boarding with the PNG students who reside there.


Rural families are having to draw on each others strength as the drought threatens to destroy their livelihood and dreams. Mental Health in rural Australia is a burgeoning problem not just confined to farmers, but their closest loved ones also. Personal strength and resolve has always been the cornerstone of rural families and never has there been a greater need than in our current climate.




To be able to instil in our youth a deep seated belief in their ability to accomplish their goals in the face of insurmountable adversity is a worthy challenge. This belief will not only steel them against the challenges of rural living, but also against the personal and professional obstacles they will encounter throughout life.



The project relies on fundraising and corporate sponsorship for funding the students. Regional employers have embraced the project on the realisation they will receive a direct benefit through these students graduating more worldly and with a high level of motivation, initiative and willingness to challenge themselves and succeed. These attributes, combined with the benefits of a rural upbringing will provide high level, long term employees to the broader community.



Please enjoy the profiles, photos and stories of our journey. We welcome your support and would be thrilled to provide you with further information. Your sponsorship is always sincerely appreciated and you can contact us via the details on the site.


A sincere thanks for visiting our site. Hopefully it will inspire you to support those who fought and died on behalf of our country.

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