All proceeds to support  taking the youth of Tumbarumba to Kokoda.


Trip Books

Big Tabana (2013)

In Their Footsteps (2011)

Culture Kokoda (2009)

Kokoda - The 'Ultimate' and a little 'Taste' (2008)

Tumbarumba to Kokoda (2007)

All books produced using the "Blurb" website.

Click here to visit the Blurb Website (type Tumbarumba into the search box) to order your copy. 

The books are now also available as e-books.

(A small percentage of the price will help support future student groups)




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2013 Trek Video

2011 Trek Video

2009 Trek Video

2008 Trek Video

Home movie of very good quality.

Cost: $10 + postage and handling



Kokoda Poetry

The poetry is by various authors, most never before published.  They include Captain Bede Tongs MM, Bede was awarded his Military Medal at the battle for Eora Creek while pushing the Japanese back.  Bert Beros wrote some of the others, including the original "Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels", published in his book during the war.  The book is lavishly illustrated with photographs taken during the 2008 trek, it is A4 size and has cardboard covers.

There may be a copy ot two left.

Cost: $20 + postage and handling



Powerpoint Presentations (converted to DVD) of the 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011 & 2013 Treks

A number of presentations showing the treks through photographs.

Cost: Contact us for more details



All items (except Blurb books) available from Bruce - click here for email request