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We have been very fortunate in our choice of trek mentors.  Clive Baker and his son Dave have both completed a number of treks and are to be congratulated on their efforts in ensuring our treks were outstanding successes.  Their knowledge of the track and their ability to interact with the locals have held us in good stead.  They have used carriers primarily based at the Kokoda end of the track, with many of them from the village of Abuari.  Naden Lovei, Ben Goru and John Eroro have been our outstanding local guides on the recent treks.

Clive Baker has written the most successful "Kokoda Trek",a must for anybody contemplating taking on Kokoda.  He also specialises in military history and operates "The War Book Shop".

We have a close association with the village of Abuari, with the majority of our carriers coming from this beautiful village. 

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